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The Moment of Ministry

The Moment of Ministry

For the past 6 years, I’ve gone up into the corner of our balcony during opening night of our Awakening Conference to take in the sight of thousands of youth worshipping Jesus with a passion that cannot be manufactured. Its as if time freezes and in a snapshot God reassures me that all the preparation, spiritual warfare, stress, and late nights were worth it, even if it was for just this one moment.

It was the psalmist who exposed that life is but a vapor, a mist dissipating in the sun, all of life is but a moment. This moment is yours to be used as you please, whether that means to chase after fleeting fame, sacrifice your life to the god of money, or party it away so that its forgotten as soon as it passes. To those who are perishing this thought is gloomy, but to those who are saved it’s a challenge. This is our moment to glorify God with reckless abandon.

I only have one shot at this.

Though our life is just a vapor it is a very important vapor. The moment of life is a gift from God to be used to its fullest, pursued with reckless abandon. There are no restarts, or do-overs- this is it. I realize I will only be the Youth Pastor of Awakening once. This is my moment to to be used by God, to fight every spiritual battle that Christ assigns me, to endure stress, and late nights in order that every youth in Rhode Island may know the name of Jesus. I only have one shot at this, and so do you. May this realization hit you with the force of an ocean wave against cliffs.

You will only be young once.
You will only have influence in the lives of youth once.
You will only have enough time, strength, and passion in you for this one go.

Don’t waste it. I beg of you, give your moment, your ministry, to God. Don’t squander it away on mindless entertainment, chasing the latest church fads, Christian celebrities, or conferences. Ask God for a vision for your own youth ministry, and pursue that vision with your full vigor. Inspire those around you to make their moment count by laying it down in the service of young people. Don’t skimp on sermon prep, services, or sacrifice, but make a decision to give the vapor God has given to you, back to Him. If I took a snapshot of your moment- what would it look like? Is it worthy of the Creator who gave it to you?

We only have one shot at this, one moment, lets make it count.


About Jordan Boyce

Jordan Boyce
Jordan Boyce is the Youth Pastor of Awakening Youth and founder of the Awakening Conference. Awakening is a creative movement to engage young people in an active and exciting church. Jordan has a passion to change the state of Rhode Island, and equip other youth ministries to do the same in their region! View all posts by Jordan Boyce